The Goal Digger

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Our best-selling shades in a duo of your favorite lip formulas. Choosing the best ombre lip combination has never been easier!

Being a Goal Digger is usually about choice, choosing to do multiple things to design a life you love — and this lifestyle most likely to have a fast-paced schedules. That being said, Goal Digger ombre kit will support your multiple working gigs. As the lines between work and home life often blurred — these two opposite pole shades will take you from day to night, makes it versatile for professional or leisure. In overall being a Goal Digger is not an extreme way of living; humans are multifaceted by nature and many of us don’t just do one thing and the best way to make it out as winners is to always balancing the work-life balance.

Paired for infinite possibilities, making it easy and fun to create the perfect lip look. Inside the duo kit:
– Power Matte Liquid Lipstick in Shawty
– Power Matte Liquid Lipstick in Midnight Bordeaux